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The technology world just keeps on changing so fast. So much so that the entire landscape of gadgets becomes obsolete in matter of days to make way for the new ones. And therefore, the technology world keeps thriving all the time. One line of gadgets that has sent ripples in the world of technology is Google Chromecast Setup. This gadget has taken the world by a storm and people are just swooning over it to have it in their life for entertainment. No wonder you must have heard of it if you are technology freak. But even if you have not, here we go with an ultimate bible on the gadget.

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast is a line of digital media players that has been developed by Google. It looks like a small dongle and therefore, helps users connect it to a mobile phone or even a personal computer. You can easily stream video content from the web on any home audio device or a smart HD television. These devices must support the Google Cast technology. You can even mirror the content from Google Chrome running on your computer or Android device. Feel free to access content from Netflix, Play Store, YouTube, Hulu or any other service supported.

What is Chromecast Ultra?

Two versions of Chromecastexist. The ordinary one is priced at $35 and it can broadcast at max of 1080p. However, the Ultra version costs $70, but can broadcast 4K resolution along with HDR technology incorporated. The channel selection along with functionality are exactly the same for both. But the Ultra version has in-built option for Ethernet cable. It needs an external power source too, instead of USB connection to TV. The Chromecast Ultra version can be an utter delight to you for sure.

Prerequisites for Chromecast

The prerequisites for this gadgetis very minimal. You certainly need a Chromecastdongle for this. A HD television along with HDMI ports and a good Wi-Fi connection can make up for the technology. The TV can be controlled with smartphones or even Android tablets. If the TV has no USB port, then you can plug your power cable too to make up for it.

How does it work?

The technology has Chromecast working as the transmitter between the TV and video streaming provider. It works exactly like an antenna or cable box. The gadget technically has Netflix or YouTube broadcast videos to itself and then these are displayed on the TV.

How much is the price?

The best things come with a little price tag. A regular one will cost you around $35. But the Ultra version will be priced at $70. You must understand that these devices are on the lower side of the spectrum in their league of gadgets.

Why Chromecast is needed?

The gadget is going to be your best friend for sure. Why to watch movies and shows on small screens of computer or mobile phone when you can enjoy them right on a large TV screen? Get Chromecast today and see what entertainment can mean to you.

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