What are the effects of blood sugar levels on human body?


According to the studies, the normal blood sugar level of an individual is in between 90-110 mg/dL in the glucometre. The variation in the sugar level comes due to the difference in the level of glucose in the blood. Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia both do have an effect on the human body. Increase in the glucose level is termed as hyperglycemia and decrease of the same is called hypoglycemia, respectively. The measure of the glucose level should be 90-110 in the empty stomach for a normal healthy entity. And 110-140 is considered to be normal for a person if checking after having food. Either the check up is done in the empty stomach or after the food. The empty stomach test should be done in the morning, where the patient should have had food in the previous night. The after food test should be taken after two hours of having food.Here is the final SupplementPilot Honest Blood Sugar Premier Reviews, the revolutionary product analyzed and reviewed in detail.

Increase and decrease in blood sugar levels

Below 90 in the empty stomach and below 110 in the stomach after food is considered to be hypoglycemia, decrease in the blood sugar level. Above 110 in the empty stomach and above 140 in the stomach after food represents increase in the blood sugar counts, hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia occurs as a result to the inability of the body to transport sugar into the cells from the blood. The sugar stored in extra quantity causes the problem of high blood sugar level in the human body. If not checked and found on right time, this could lead to diabetes.

What are the natural methods to control diabetes?

In order to avoid the health issues relating to diabetes, what a person can do naturally to not get caught by the disease are,

• Regular exercise
• Having control on the intake of carbons in the food.
• Increase the intake of fiber.
• Drink lot of water and stay hydrated.
• Monitor the calories.
• Reduce the amount of stress.
• Have a healthy sleep.
• Increase the intake of foods rich in Chromium and Magnesium.
• Reduce the weight, if you have more fat in your body than you are supposed to have according to your height and age.
• Have body massage.

How does diabetes affect heart?

The variation in blood glucose level has an impact on the heart of the human body. The blood vessels get weakened due to the weight of the blood it carries. The weakened blood vessels cause to have a reduction in the blood circulation in the body. The pumping of blood gets reduced and the flow of blood into all other parts of the human body gets decreased. These would lead to cardiovascular diseases like enlarged heart or shrink in the size of the heart than the normal.

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